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You can text (786)-459-2474 (Sergio) for Ultrasound Availability
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Monday – Friday (9am to 5pm)
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We group similar area clinics together to be efficient 

How to submit Online Form

1.  Please Call / Text / Email for availability – (Future and same day services)
2.  Dates blocked from calendar mean we are completely booked. (Do not submit without DSU approval)
3.  Add on cases are welcomed, but please let us know ASAP.
4.  Online Forms are sent to specialists. Please include important pet information.
5.  Mention: owner main complaint, Doctor findings / observations (labs and any meds & dosages )
6.  Patients over (30lbs) please pre approve for sedation just incase its needed. 
7. Email recent (Lab work, X-Rays (3 views max) or Xray Reports) : /

Value – Limited study targeting main complaint organs / systems. Affordable. Appointment Only.
Comprehensive – Full Study that includes Images, Abd includes FNA, Echo includes EKG. Appointment Only.
Advanced – For urgent same day cases or more challenging studies, includes everything you’d need.

Fax: 888-719-1734 / /

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