Ultrasound Packages

For your convenience, DSU Vet Services, Inc. is offering Ultrasound Packages to accommodate the different needs of your practice and your clients.

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Value Ultrasound Studies (Appointment only)

Abdominal Studies
(Turnaround time ~24 hours, STAT ~ 4 hours)

Echocardiogram Studies
(Turnaround time 7 business days, STAT ~ 24 hours)

  • Report from Radiologist
  • Targets main complaint organs
  • Rads can be included for $25.00
  • No images from study included
  • Report from Cardiologist
  • Rads can’t be included
  • No images from study included

Comprehensive Ultrasound Studies

Abdominal Studies
(Turnaround time (Radiology ~24 hours, STAT ~4 hours) / Internal Med. 2-3 days)

Echocardiogram Studies
(Turnaround time 2 to 7 days, STAT ~24 hours)

  • Images from study included
  • FNA included (as many attempts needed)
  • Doppler (blood flow imagining)
  • Rad review included (3 views only, dated and labeled)
  • Report from Radiologist or Internal Medicine (No STAT for Internal Med)
  • Images from study included
  • EKG included
  • Rads can be included for $75.00 (3 Views Dated and Labeled)

Advanced Ultrasound Studies

Abdominal Studies
(Turnaround time ~24 hours Radiologist, 2 -3 days Internal med.)

Echocardiogram Studies
(Turnaround time ~24 hours) (STAT ~4hours)

  • Everything comprehensive is included.
  • This gets reviewed by Radiologist first & then submitted to Internal Medicine.
  • Rads Included (3 Views Dated and Labeled)
  • Cardiologist direct phone call available *
  • Everything Comprehensive Included.

IMPORTANCE OF ELECTROCARDIOGRAM (ECG): It provides information on heart rate, rhythm, and intracardiac conduction. A frequent cause of arrhythmia is primary cardiovascular disease, but other systemic abnormalities may directly cause or contribute to arrhythmia (non-cardiac diseases). Arrhythmia is usually very fast or very slow and can occur with or without underlying heart disease.


Value Abdominal Ultrasound Study Comprehensive Abdominal Ultrasound Study Value Echocardiogram Study Comprehensive Echocardiogram Study
Abdominal Ultrasound    N/A N/A
Echocardiogram  N/A  N/A  
Consult Report (by fax & e-mail)     
Same Day Results  
Images sent by e-mail  
Single Lead ECG  
Complete U/S Findings & Image Report (by e-mail)   
First FNA guided by U/S at no charge   
(if applicable)
STAT Service (Additional Charge)  

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