About Us

DSU VET SERVICES – local mobile ultrasound and telemedicine service. We travel to your hospital and perform an ultrasound study. Our service consists of a patient’s medical file compiled with history, chief complaint, physical exam findings, digital pictures of any lesions, laboratory work, radiographs, EKG, treatments and ultrasound images.

Cases are reviewed by Board Certified Specialists. A report is sent to your practice by fax and email, with diagnosis, treatment and recommendations along with a complete written report of the ultrasound findings and measurements . Phone consultation/email with Specialist available at no extra charge.

DSU covers Miami Dade and Broward county.


To schedule an appointment, please call 305-962-5207 to access our new Online Case Submission form.


  • Lilliane Uribazo

    Certified Ultrasound Specialist.


  • Johnny Hoskins, DVM, PhD, DACVIM

    “DSU Vet Services provides such complete, detailed ultrasound studies that are supported by board certified specialist.  No hand written reports provided but professionally typed reports are provided on each case.”

  • Larry P. Tilley, DVM, DACVIM

    “As an educator and national consultant specialists in cardiology, I know quite well when quality work is being one in veterinary medicine. DSU Veterinary Services, Inc and its staff have wonderful expertise in ultrasound diagnostics and they truly make it easy for me to complete the consult.”

  • Anthony P. Carr, Dr. med. vet.

    Diplomate ACVIM (small animal internal medicine) Professor, Small Animal Clinical Sciences

    “The excellent ultrasound studies provided by DSU Veterinary Services make my work as a telemedicine consultant easy. I rarely get to evaluate such thorough studies with high quality diagnostic images. In combination with other information such as ECGs, radiographs and lab work I can often get a pretty good idea of what is going on with the patient so that I can make recommendations on treatment and for additional diagnostics if needed.”

  • Mathew Krecic, DVM, DACVIM

    “As a telemedicine specialist, I have the opportunity to review many echocardiographic studies.  Lilly of DSU Vet Services consistently submits high quality, diagnostic images.”

  • Frank Smith, DVM, DACVIM

    “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lilly for the past few years.  She is an excellent ultrasonographer.  Her echo studies are thorough and technically well done.”