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Pre Ultrasound Checklist 

Submit most recent lab work and x-rays to our email.
Pre – Approve Sedation for all pets over 30lbs (just incase)
Shaving Pet before arrival saves on average 20 mins per case.
Have coagulation profile if FNA / biopsy is indicated.


We do not charge cancellation fees if cancelled 48 hours before appointment date.
DSU will always confirm appointments the day before.
Cancellation between 48 Hours of appointment will incur $150 fee for each patient.
If rescheduled that fee will be removed from the total price of study.


Online forms lacking information (requiring DSU to gather info for best results) – $35 Each Patient
Addendum for reports (due to incorrect or lacking information originally submitted) – $30 Each Report
Unshaved pets attribute to 20 mins per patient in delays – (For DSU to shave) – $20 Each Patient